Практика. Інфінітив (Infinitive), герундій (gerund)

Практика. Infinitive, gerund


Practice. Infinitive, gerund

_____ for walks? What a good idea! It’s so hot today!

I _____ my job soon

What are you doing tonight? We _____ a play at the theatre

What _____ at the weekend? I like putting my feet up and relaxing. Sometimes I play tennis.

I want _____ a film on TV this evening

You can tell me your secret. I _____ anyone

My bag is so heavy. Give it to me. _____ it for you

What _____ to do in the evening? Why don’t we pop round and see Pat and Peter?

Tony’s back from holiday.  _____ him a ring

_____ a drink? Yes, please. I’ll have an orange juice.

This book is full _____ pictures

Now, holidays. Where _____ this year? We don’t know yet.

_____ your teacher? Yes, she’s very nice

Julie is married _____ Sam

I’m looking forward _____ you again soon

We’ve decided _____ married in the spring

I bought some warm boots today because _____ skiing

Some people like _____ breakfast in bed, but I don’t

I need to post these letters. I _____ shopping soon. I _____ them for you

I hope _____ some money soon

Your score is


Вивчаємо граматику – Інфінітив (Infinitive), герундій (gerund)

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