Практика. Інфінітив, герундій. Опис почуттів і ситуацій

Практика. Infinitive, gerund. Опис почуттів і ситуацій


Practice. Infinitive, gerund. Describing feelings and situations

Some people don’t go out at night because they’re _____ that someone will rob them

The dentist told me _____ more careful when I brush my teeth

I never liked _____ to church when I was a child.

Have you finished _____ that letter yet?

My teachers always expected me _____ well in exams

You can’t _____ your car outside the hospital

You are yawning. Are you listening to what I am saying? I am! I’m really _____. I want to know what happened. It’s just that I feel very _____. I went to bed very late last night

David always enjoyed _____ football at school

Children can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve. They’re too _____.

Let me _____ for the meal. You paid last time

I’m going on a three-month holiday to the Far East. How _____! Lucky you!

Hi, Mum! Carol! Thank goodness you rang! Where have you been? We’ve been so _____ about you.

The art exhibition was very _____. I loved it.

The TV program was so _____ that I felt asleep

He agreed _____ the job as soon as possible

Our financial situation is very _____. We spend more and more, but we’re earning less and less

My feet are killing me! I find going round art galleries and museums very _____.

Hello, darling. I’ve got a present for you. For me? Don’t look so _____. I often buy you presents. But it isn’t my birthday!

I stopped _____ my book and went to bed

I asked Monica _____ some stamps.

Your score is


Вивчаємо граматику – Infinitive, gerund.

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