Практика. Passives. Tenses

Passive Voice in English Grammar

Практика. Passives. Tenses

Passive Voice in English Grammar

Practice. Passives. Tenses

_____ they _____ many cars last year?

They _____ rice in China

I _____ just _____ a good idea. Let’s eat out tonight

I was given this watch _____ my aunt

Rolls Royce cars _____ in England

10.000 cars _____ next year

Three new factories _____ this year

Have all the sandwiches _____?

The telephone _____ by Bell in 1876

I was late for work because I _____ the bus

All the apple juice _____ by nine o’clock

The television _____ by Bell

My uncle _____ £500 on the stock exchange

Someone _____ my bag!

A British policeman _____ guns.

They _____ the picture for £3.000

_____ hello to your parents from me when you see them

A newsagent _____ stamps

Where _____ these shoes made?

We _____ a complaint to the manager because our meal was so bad

Thieves _____ two pictures from the museum last night

This is my grandfather’s watch. He _____ it every day until he died

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