Практика. Допоміжні дієслова (do, be have). Прийменники

Практика. Auxiliary verbs are: be, do, have etc. Прийменники


Practice. Auxiliary verbs (do, be have). Prepositions

Lots of trees _____ blown down by the wind

We _____ talking to James about his exam

We _____ got a beautiful puppy called Molly

Where _____ you yesterday?

John loves flying but we _____ .

_____ you ever stayed at the Ritz?

Why _____ you leaving so early?

I _____ my homework very quickly last night.

Anna likes ice-cream but John _____ .

We _____ breakfast in bed.

Anna isn’t studying hard but I _____ .

How many people _____ you invited to the party?

_____ John give you those flowers?

I watched TV last night but my sister _____ .

She _____ a shower every morning before school

I have been to Australia but Anna _____ .

Thank goodness we _____ a dishwasher!

We _____ a beautiful puppy called Molly

Mary never _____ the washing up

I don’t like ice-cream but Jill _____

Your score is


Основна граматика – Допоміжні дієслова: be, do, have etc. Прийменники

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