Практика. Прийменники. Auxiliary verbs 

Практика. Прийменники. Auxiliary verbs


Practice. Prepositions and auxiliary verbs

_____ you often travel abroad?

Your English is really improving but mine _____

You aren’t concentrating on your work. What are you thinking _____?

If you have a problem, talk _____ the teacher

They didn’t remember my birthday but you _____

We don’t want to leave early but they _____ .

I think you’re wrong. I don’t agree _____ you at all.

I’m not interested _____ what you think or what you want

What did you talk _____ ? Oh, this and that.

Bill hasn’t finished his work but we _____

Where’s the cash desk? I’d like to pay _____ this book.

_____ you ever been to Amsterdam?

_____ you speak three languages?

_____ you have a good holiday last year?

We might have a picnic. It depends _____ the weather

_____ your best friend sometimes go on holiday with you?

“I’ve lost your pen. Sorry ...”.  “It’s all right. Don’t worry _____ it.”

_____ you having a holiday soon?

What do you think _____ Pete?  I really like him

What are you listening _____ ?

Your score is


Основна граматика – Прийменники

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