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The Enchanted Garden

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Once upon a time, in a small village by the ocean, there (1)  a little girl named Amelia. There (2) many children in the village, but Amelia was special because she had a very vivid imagination. Every day, there (3) new adventures waiting for her. One sunny morning, there (4) a knock at Amelia's door. There (5) two boys, Peter and Tom, standing outside with beaming smiles on their faces.
"Come on, Amelia!" Peter shouted. "We're going to explore the forest today." There (6) plenty of things to discover in the vast woodland, so Amelia eagerly joined them.
As they walked through the woods, there (7)   sounds of birds happily chirping, and there (8) squirrels scampering across tree branches. There (9) also a cool breeze that rustled the leaves above and made the children feel as though they (10) in an enchanted world.
Deeper into the woods, there (11) ancient ruins of a once-great castle. There (12) a legend that said the castle had once housed a princess with magical powers. Amelia excitedly shared the tale with her friends, and they decided to investigate further.
Entering the castle, there (13) vast corridors filled with dust and cobwebs. They explored room after room, where there (14) little left but the echo of their footsteps. But in the heart of the castle, there (15) a hidden chamber which unveiled a fantastic secret.
Upon opening the door, there (16) an incredible garden filled with flowers that shone like gemstones. There were vines covered in giant strawberries, and there (17) a small pond filled with golden fish. The children gasped in awe, as they knew they (18) standing in the remains of the princess's magical garden.
In the center of the garden, there (19) a fountain carved with strange symbols. There (20) whispers of the magic still lingering in the air, and the children felt drawn to the water. As they each dipped their hands into the fountain, there (21) shimmers of light that danced across their fingers.
Later that evening, as they returned to the village, there (22) the feeling of wonder still lingering amongst Amelia, Peter, and Tom. There (23) endless possibilities for what could happen next, and there (24) no doubt that they would be returning to the enchanted garden again. After all, there (25) still so many secrets left to unlock in the magical world that surrounded them.

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