Практика. Second conditional. Might, will, going to. Phrasal verbs

Практика. Practice. Second conditional. Might, will, going to. Phrasal verbs


Practice. Second conditional. Might, will, going to. Phrasal verbs

I _____ to work if I _____ better, but I feel terrible.

What a pretty dress! Turn _____ ! Let me look at it from the back.

I’d visit you more often if you _____ so far away

I’m _____ forward to meeting her very much

Don’t worry about the baby. I’ll look _____ her while you’re out

They _____ their baby Lily, but they aren’t sure yet.

She _____ off her horse and hurt her wrist

What are you doing tonight? I don’t know. I _____ out, or I _____ at home.

Catherine wants to be a politician. Who knows? One day she ____  Prime Minister!

We have guests coming for Saturday lunch. I _____ cook roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. I have bought all the ingredients

If I _____ perfect English, I _____ in this class

If I _____ Prime Minister, I _____ increase tax for rich people.

If he _____ a watch, he _____ always late

How do you _____ your parents?

What _____ if a stranger _____ you £1 million?

Don’t forget to _____ off the lights when you come to bed.

I’m looking for yesterday’s newspaper. Did you throw it _____?

Could I _____ on these shoes, please? Size nine.

_____ on your warm coat. It’s cold today

What’s for supper?  We _____ lamb. It’s in the oven

Are you going to have a winter holiday this year? I _____. I haven’t decided yet

If she _____ a lot of clothes, she _____ money

Turn _____ the music! It’s too loud!

I’m going to buy George a green shirt. I wouldn’t if I were you. Why not? I’m sure he _____ the green color

I _____ tennis tomorrow. But I’m not sure

If I _____ in a big house, I _____ a party.

Don’t wait for me. I _____ late. It depends on the traffic

Goodbye, darling. I _____ phone as soon as I arrive. Thanks. Bye!

Thank you for the invitation. _____ I can’t come

Pick _____ your litter! Don’t drop it on the street!

You look tired. Sit _____ and have a cup of tea

You shouldn’t smoke in here. Put _____.

What time are we eating? Don’t worry. It _____ ready before your TV program

If I ____ younger, I ____ to play the piano, but I’m too old now

I’m going to the town tomorrow. I _____ lunch with Joe at 1.00

I haven’t get time to fill in this form. I’ll fill _____ later.

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Розглянь основну граматику, що допоможе із практикою – Might, will, going to. Phrasal verbs

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