Практика. Can, can’t. Was, were. Прийменники

Практика. Can, can’t. Was, were. Прийменники


Practice. Can, can’t. Was, were. Prepositions

We _____ married when I _____ eighteen and Roger _____ twenty

Hello, everybody! I _____ sorry, I _____ late!

Flora _____ drive a car but she _____ ride a motorbike

Nobody _____ play the guitar

I was _____ a party last night

_____ you drive? No, I can’t

The children _____ very tired today. They _____ at a party yesterday evening

I was _____ Adam’s party _____ Saturday

Adam _____ ride a motorbike and he _____ drive a car

Was it hot yesterday? Yes, it _____ .

The weather _____ beautiful today. But it _____ terrible yesterday

Yesterday there was a party _____ my house

Can I speak _____ you?

She paints _____ two hours _____ bedtime

Only Sam _____ play the piano

Where _____ you born?  I _____ born in India

Adam _____ use a computer, but he _____ program a computer

I could play chess when I _____ five

They were _____ England _____ 1998

Where _____ your sister born?  She _____ born in India, too

The homework _____ very difficult yesterday

Your score is


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