Прочитай текст та встав пропущені слова (must/have to)

Must vs. have to

Прочитай текст та встав пропущені слова (must/have to)

Fill in the missing words

  1. You wake up early if you want to catch the morning train.
  2. Sarah finish her assignment before the deadline.
  3. We attend the meeting at 2 PM.
  4. He   take his medicine every four hours.
  5. They submit their project next week.
  6. She wear a helmet while riding her bike.
  7. I   water the plants daily.
  8. The students   listen to their teacher attentively.
  9. You wash your hands before eating.
  10. I remember to call my grandmother on her birthday next week.
  11. If you want to stay healthy, you exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

Вивчай граматику – Правила вживання “must” та “have to” та їх різниця

Зіграй у гру із слова must/have to на швидкість

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