Практика. Форми запитань. Прислівники та прикметники

Практика. Форми запитань. Прислівники та прикметники


Practice. Question forms. Adverbs and adjectives

_____ you like learning English?

The team played _____ and lost the match

Life in New York is very _____

What _____ you do last night?

Peter’s very _____ at tennis. He won the game

Smoking is a _____ habit

Everybody was very _____ about you.

The news is very _____

_____ did the story take place? A long time ago

_____ do you weigh?

I know the Prime Minister _____

The teacher was _____ when nobody did the homework

How many languages _____ your mother speak?

The game of tennis was very _____

Teachers work _____, but they don’t earn much money

Please listen _____ .

My husband’s a _____ cook

The homework was the _____.

When _____ you go shopping last?

Lunch is a _____ meal for many people

Your score is


Для того щоб легко проходити практику вивчай граматику –  Прислівники та прикметники

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