Практика. Make, do. Present Continuous. Прийменники

Практика. Make, do. Present Continuous. Прийменники


Practice. Make, do. Present Continuous. Prepositions

They certainly weren’t _____ the table or _____ the floor.

Had I left them _____ work?

Were they _____ the car?

First she said “Yes”, then she said “No”, but in the end she _____ up her mind to marry him.

I looked _____ all the shelves and _____ all the cupboards

I was _____ a queue waiting to buy some bread.

At first I found learning English very easy, but now I don’t think I’m _____ any progress at all

We asked to see the manager and we _____ a complaint about the terrible service in the restaurant

My teacher says I must work harder, but I can’t work any harder. I’m _____ my best

Ssh! You mustn’t _____ a noise. The baby’s asleep.

Then I realized where they were. They were _____ my favorite armchair.

Before you go on holiday, you should _____ sure that the doors and windows are shut and locked.

Where were you at 2:00? _____ the beach.

We have some lovely new neighbors; we’ve already _____ friends with them.

Could you _____ me a favor please? Could you give me a lift to the airport?

_____ money, not war!

When you’re not sure what to do, the best thing is to _____ nothing

I like to keep fit, so I _____ exercises every day

My uncle died without _____ a will, and it was very difficult for our family to sort out his money and possessions

Is there a public call box near here? I have to _____ a phone call.

Your score is


Вивчаємо граматику – Make, do. Present Continuous. Прийменники

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