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Callendale Castle, often called one of the (1) castles in England, is built on a hill overlooking the (2) of Callendale in West Bassetshire. On approaching Callendale village, the twin (3) of the castle suddenly loomed through the mist, giving the village a (4) appearance. Callendale Castle (5) many stories, and many secrets. A quick read through the (6) gave me a colourful image of the way things must have been inside these forbidding stone walls all those years (7) . A secret meeting between (8) Henry the 5th and a French ambassador took (9) here during the 100 years war. In 1814, the castle narrowly escaped being burnt to the (10) when a lazy kitchen boy left a pig roasting on the open (11) unattended. The castle (12) took me to a dark dank dungeon, complete with gruesome instruments of torture. Hidden in one corner is a tiny cell, little more than a hole, where countless prisoners were left to rot away. It’s hard to imagine how a grown person could fit (13)   a place so small.

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