Read the text below (Callendale Castle). Fill in the missing words in the text

Read the text below. Fill in the missing words in the text

Words that can be in the text: guidebook, King, towers, village, mysterious, into, holds, ago, place, ground, fire, tour, finest.



Fill in the missing words

Callendale Castle, often called one of the (1) castles in England, is built on a hill overlooking the (2) of Callendale in West Bassetshire. On approaching Callendale village, the twin (3) of the castle suddenly loomed through the mist, giving the village a (4) appearance. Callendale Castle (5) many stories, and many secrets. A quick read through the (6) gave me a colourful image of the way things must have been inside these forbidding stone walls all those years (7) . A secret meeting between (8) Henry the 5th and a French ambassador took (9) here during the 100 years war. In 1814, the castle narrowly escaped being burnt to the (10) when a lazy kitchen boy left a pig roasting on the open (11) unattended. The castle (12) took me to a dark dank dungeon, complete with gruesome instruments of torture. Hidden in one corner is a tiny cell, little more than a hole, where countless prisoners were left to rot away. It’s hard to imagine how a grown person could fit (13)   a place so small.

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