While, during, for. Past Simple – Continuous – Perfect. Прийменники

Практика. While, during, for. Past SimpleContinuousPerfect. Прийменники


Practice. While, during, for. Past Simple - Continuous - Perfect. Prepositions

It’s my birthday _____ next week

What did you do _____ the weekend?

I was in hospital _____ three weeks

_____ 8.00 _____ the morning.

I’m meeting Alan _____ this evening.

The phone rang _____ I was having supper

I lived in Paris _____ several years

Peter came round _____ we were eating.

_____ I was in Paris, I made a lot of friends.

I hurt my leg _____ I was playing football yesterday

_____ when were you born?

“When?” “_____ Monday.”

What time? “_____ six.”

_____ my stay in hospital, the nurses looked after me very well

I hurt my leg _____ the second half of the match.

A football match lasts _____ ninety minutes.

My uncle died _____ the war

Traffic is always bad _____ the rush hour.

Last week I was held up _____ three hours

Peter came round _____ the meal.

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