Встав пропущені слова у тексті (Past Simple)

Прочитай текст та встав пропущені слова (Past Simple)

Можливі слова: to be, talk, go, have (зверніть увагу на час, та використовуйте таблицю неправильних дієслів)

Fill in the missing words

Yesterday, I (1) to an old friend who (2) in my town. We (3) to the same school and (4) in the same class. Back then, he (5) so athletic, and I (6) tall and lanky. He (7) the captain of our football team, while I (8) in chess club. After school, we (9) to play video games at his house. His parents (10) always very welcoming, and their dog (11) extremely friendly. We (12) many great memories together. It (13) so nice to see him again and reminisce about our childhood.

Вивчаємо граматику – Past Simple

Зіграй у гру із словами was, were (Past Simple)

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