Практика. Present Simple. Прийменник

Практика. Present Simple. Прийменник


Practice. Present Simple. Prepositions

She gets up early _____ the weekdays

What _____ he do at weekends?

She never _____ meat

My brother’s birthday is _____ March

Sometimes we _____ cards

He hates _____ football _____ television

I like _____

Do you relax _____ weekends?

Where do you go _____ holiday?

He plays football _____ Friday mornings

He takes photos only _____ spring

Where _____ they live?

Why _____ you want to learn English?

The train leaves Paris _____ 4 p.m.

She gets up early _____ the morning

Vancouver is very cold _____ winter

They like _____ very much

We _____ Algerians

Your score is


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