Практика. Present simple та інші цікаві вправи

Практика. Present simple та інші цікаві вправи


Practice. Present simple and other interesting exercises

_____ New York exciting?

A friend of mine likes _____ on picnic at weekends

I _____ my teeth every morning

I _____ to a football match every Sunday but my father _____

_____ do your brothers like working in this factory? Because they earn much money

What _____ you _____ ?  An architect

His father _____ , but Bill’s father _____ smoke

The Buckingham Palace _____ lots of rooms

Where _____ your parents _____ ? In the Ministry of Education

Do you _____ Afghani? No, _____ .

What _____ your niece _____ ? A nurse

_____ he like his job?

My father _____ driving

Many foreigners in our country _____ to the Golden Bazaar

She _____ a bus to university

_____ Kate live near Jane?

Visitors _____ to India ‘s Independence Day from all over the world

Every year millions of people _____ The London Museum

I _____ an accountant

_____ languages do they speak? Just one

_____ does Margaret start work? At 7 in the morning.

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Вивчаємо граматику –  Present simple

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