Практика. Present, Past, Future Tenses

Практика. Present, Past, Future Tenses


Practice. Present, Past, Future Tenses

Cats _____ very well in darkness

Do you want a cigarette? No, thanks. I _____ .

_____ three languages: French, Spanish, and English

How long _____ in America?

What time _____ home last night?

Most of the students _____ these days.

_____ the computer at the moment?

I _____ understand what you are saying

The weekend was boring. I _____ anything.

What _____ tonight?

He’s married, but he ____ any children

You look nice, Anne. _____ a new dress?

Many birds _____ south every winter.

Enrique ____ cooking. He can make an excellent enchilada!

Where _____ from?

Pierre is French. He _____ from Toulouse.

I _____ English food. It’s wonderful!

I’m going to university next year. What _____ study?

Japan _____ many high mountains

Dave _____ a student with her work now

Usually Jim _____ to work on Saturdays

His wife, Silvia, ____ in a primary school

How many sisters _____ ?

Are you _____ the party?

At the weekend, I usually _____ go swimming

What _____ ? I don’t know. Look it up

Last year I _____ to America

It’s very noisy.  Suzy _____ to rock music.

Enrique ____ in Puebla, a town in Mexico

Where is George. He _____ a shower

Last weekend I _____ some friends and we _____ a meal.

Carol _____ hard for her exam last week

Your score is


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