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Possible words in the text: am, is, are

It's a beautiful morning, and Sarah (1) so excited! Today, they (2) visiting the zoo with their family. The sun (3) shining, and there (4) a cool breeze. They all hop into the car, and off they (5) ! As they arrive, the whole family (6) amazed at the number of animals they see. There (7) lions, and they (8) very playful. They also pass by the zebras, which (9) happily eating some grass. Next, Sarah spots the monkeys. They (10) so entertaining, swinging from tree to tree! Her little brother agrees, as he (11) giggling with delight. The family then heads towards the aviary. Sarah (12) fascinated by the colorful parrots, and her mom falls in love with the majestic eagles. Lastly, they go to the underwater exhibit. Sarah's dad (13) impressed by the giant sharks, while her little brother (14) fond of the playful dolphins. After a long day at the zoo, the family (15) tired but happy. As they walk back to the car, they all agree that today (16) truly one of the best days ever.

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