Прочитайте текст і вставте пропущені слова (“Be,” “Do,” або “Have”) у потрібній формі

Прочитайте текст і вставте пропущені слова (“Be,” “Do,” або “Have”) у потрібній формі

Можливі слова: do, had, be, have been, were, was, by (кожне із цих слів може бути кілька разів)

The Village Protector

Fill in the missing words

Once upon a time, there (1) a small village surrounded (2) beautiful nature. The people who lived there (3)  simple but happy life. They woke up early and worked together in the fields, tending to their crops and animals.

Among them, there (4) a young woman named Emily who (5) some unique talents. She (6) especially good at singing and playing musical instruments. Her parents (7)  very proud of her and encouraged her to share her gifts with their neighbors.

One day, Emily (8) strolling through the woods when she found a mysterious cave. She (9) never seen it before and was extremely curious to explore it. Inside, she saw beautiful crystals and had her breath taken away (10) the stunning view.

Suddenly, she heard a soft voice speaking to her, "Emily, I (11)   waiting for you. You have been chosen to (12) your village's protector. Take this crystal necklace with you and use its power to bring happiness and prosperity to your people."

Filled with excitement and a sense of responsibility, Emily took the necklace without hesitation. As soon as she wore it, she felt a surge of energy inside her. She knew she (13) something special to (14) for her village.

From that day on, Emily used her new powers to help her village and bring happiness to everyone around her. And they all lived happily ever after, grateful for the power of "Be," "Do," and "Have."

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