Прочитай текст та встав пропущені слова – а, an, the

Прочитай тест та встав пропущені слова – а, an, the


Missing words are possible: A, an, the

Easter is (1) important holiday celebrated by Christians around (2) world. It is typically observed on (3) first Sunday after (4) first full moon following (5) vernal equinox. This means that Easter can fall anywhere between (6) 22nd of March and (7) 25th of April.

Many people associate Easter with chocolate eggs, bunnies, and colorful baskets filled with treats. However, (8) true meaning of Easter is rooted in (9) Christian faith. It is (10) time when Christians commemorate (11) resurrection of Jesus Christ, (12) central event in (13) Christian religion.

Traditionally, Easter is celebrated with special church services, including (14) sunrise service on Easter Sunday. In some countries, such as (15) United States, (16) Easter bunny is a popular symbol of (17) holiday. Children often participate in Easter egg hunts, where they search for colorful eggs hidden throughout (18) house or garden.

Whether you celebrate Easter for its religious significance or its fun traditions, it is (19) special time of year that brings joy and happiness to many people around (20) world.

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Зіграй у гру на швидкість із слова – а, an, the

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