Все що потрібно знати про їдальню англійською

Англійська в їдальні: вдосконалюємо знання мови

Їдальня (dining room) – це особливе місце в кожному домі, де ми збираємося, щоб насолодитися смачними стравами та провести час разом. Давайте вивчимо деякі слова, пов’язані з їдальнею, щоб ви могли точно описати її.

ТОП 30 слів англійською про Їдальню (Dining Room)

  1. The glass on the table is perfect for holding your favorite drink.
  2. The elegant mirror on the wall adds a touch of sophistication to the dining room.
  3. The window in the dining room lets in the warm sunlight during the day.
  4. The clock on the wall helps us keep track of time during meals.
  5. We need to replace the batteries in the remote control for the TV in the dining room.
  6. The scented candles create a cozy ambiance in the dining room during dinner.
  7. There are some important papers on the dining table that need to be sorted.
  8. The crackling sound of the fires in the fireplace adds a comforting feel to the dining area.
  9. The radiator near the dining table keeps the room warm and comfortable.
  10. Lighting up the fireplace makes the dining room feel warm and inviting in the evening.
  11. After a long day, soaking in the luxurious bathtub is a wonderful way to relax.
  12. The sink in the corner of the dining room is handy for washing hands before and after meals.
  13. Please pass me a spoon so I can enjoy my soup.
  14. Use a fork to pick up the delicious pieces of meat from the plate.
  15. I need a sharp knife to cut through this juicy steak.
  16. The beautifully decorated plate holds a delicious serving of pasta.
  17. The vase on the table is filled with vibrant flowers that brighten up the dining room.
  18. The soft rug under the dining table adds warmth and comfort to the space.
  19. Place a protective mat under the hot serving dishes to avoid damaging the table.
  20. The luxurious carpet covers the floor and adds a sense of grandeur to the dining room.
  21. The elegant cloth drapes over the table, setting the scene for a formal dinner.
  22. Don’t forget to grab a napkin to keep your hands clean while enjoying the meal.
  23. The pristine table-cloth adds a touch of elegance to the dining table.
  24. The delicious soup is served in a beautiful ceramic bowl.
  25. The soft glow from the lampshade creates a cozy atmosphere during dinner.
  26. These mini-bowls are perfect for serving sauces and dips.
  27. The dining room drawer is a convenient place to store extra utensils.
  28. The chilled drinks are stored in the refrigerator for everyone to enjoy.
  29. The air-conditioner keeps the dining room comfortably cool on hot summer days.
  30. After dinner, I like to relax on the comfortable sofa in the corner of the dining room.

Таблиця із ТОП 30 слів англійською про Їдальню (Dining Room)

clothklɔθскатертина, тканина
table-clothˈteɪbəl klɔθскатертина
lampshadelæmpʃeɪdплафон лампи
mini-bowlˈmɪni boʊlміні-миска
air-conditionerɛr kənˈdɪʃənərкондиціонер

Тест на тему “Dining Room”


Review exercise - DINING ROOM

We drink soup meals from a ______ .

I cut some bread with a ______.

There were some money, our documents and phone bills in the ______.

The table was covered by table ______.

When I looked at the ______ I saw myself in it.

______ is something that is used to take the food from dish to mouth, shaped like a small bowl with a long handle

______ is a cloth material that is used for cleaning your lips after meal.

______ heats the room and consists of hollow metal container that fills up with hot water

Famous ______ “Mono Lisa” was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci

I drank orange juice from ______.

My brother put all flowers in the ______.

There were about 0,5 liter coffee in the ______.

Yesterday we didn’t have electricity, but we had some ______. We lit them to produce light.

He looked at the ______ and realized that it was 3:00 AM.

______ is a small tool used for picking up food, with handle and three or four points.

Your score is


ТОП 15 популярних фраз англійською для їдальні

  1. “Let’s gather in the dining room for dinner.” (Зберімося у їдальні на обід.)
  2. “Could you please pass me the salt from the table?” (Чи можете ви, будь ласка, подати мені сіль зі столу?)
  3. “I love the ambiance of our dining room, especially in the evening.” (Мені подобається атмосфера нашої їдальні, особливо ввечері.)
  4. “The dining table is beautifully set for the guests.” (Стіл в їдальні красиво накритий для гостей.)
  5. “I’ll bring dessert to the dining room after we finish eating.” (Я принесу десерт у їдальню після того, як закінчимо їсти.)
  6. “The chandelier above the dining table adds an elegant touch.” (Люстра над столом у їдальні додає елегантності.)
  7. “Could you please set an extra place at the dining table? We have a guest coming.” (Чи можете ви, будь ласка, накрити ще одне місце за столом? До нас йде гість.)
  8. “I spilled some water on the tablecloth. Do we have any napkins?” (Я розлила воду на скатертину. Чи є у нас серветки?)
  9. “The aroma from the kitchen is making the dining room smell amazing.” (Аромат з кухні робить запах у їдальні дивовижним.)
  10. “Please use a coaster for your drink to avoid leaving marks on the table.” (Будь ласка, використовуй підставку під напої, щоб уникнути слідів на столі.)
  11. “Would you like to sit near the window or closer to the fireplace?” (Ви хочете сісти біля вікна чи ближче до каміна?)
  12. “I’m going to arrange the flowers in the vase to brighten up the dining room.” (Я розставлю квіти у вазі, щоб прикрасити їдальню.)
  13. “The dining room is a perfect place for family conversations during dinner.” (Їдальня – ідеальне місце для родинних розмов під час вечері.)
  14. “Please, let’s keep the noise level down in the dining room.” (Будь ласка, давайте зберігатимемо низький рівень шуму у їдальні.)
  15. “I’ll light the candles to create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room.” (Я запалю свічки, щоб створити затишну атмосферу в їдальні.)

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