Практика. Злічувані та незлічувані іменники

Практика. Злічувані та незлічувані іменники


Practice. Countable and uncountable nouns

Would you like _____ rice?

Can you give me _____ money?

Is there _____ tea?

_____ you like some tea? No, thanks.

I’d like _____ bananas

Would you like _____ apple or _____ strawberries?

There is _____ cheese on the table.

Can I have _____ tea?

_____ you _____ your teacher?  Yes, he is a good man

He always has _____ egg for breakfast.

have got a book _____ Stephen King.

Help me _____ my homework.

_____ rice is there?

There are _____ oranges on the table

Do you like _____ ?

I usually have _____ biscuit and _____ cup of coffee at 11 a.m.

Are there _____ chips?

Do you like _____ homework ?

Would you like _____ milk?

Can I have _____ stamps, please?

Your score is


Ознайомся із теорією – Злічувані та незлічувані іменники ( Countable and uncountable nouns)

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