Практика. Займенники, Прислівники, Прикметники

Практика. Займенники, Прислівники, Прикметники


Practice. Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjectives

Cats can wash ______ paws and fur

I haven’t got the keys. Father has got ______

There is some milk. I’d like to drink ______

Is a bee ______ insect?

This is not my bicycle. It is my ______ bicycle

We are late. The teacher will get angry with ______

There is a lot of ice in ______ refrigerator

I’ll wait for you half ______ hour

Can you see those boys and ______ father?

I haven’t got ______ paint

The clerk is speaking to the women. He is talking to ______

I can see Amanda. ______ is waiting for the New York plane.

Terry is talking to two ______

Butterflies are ______ insects

My father is ______ engineer

There are many ______ on the shelf

I can see a lot of ______ outside the building

All the ______ are following the man

He is Mrs. Taylor’s ______ husband

Today ______ weather is very hot.

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Вивчаємо граматику – Займенники, Прислівники, Прикметники

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