Практика. Present Perfect та Past Simple

Практика. Present Perfect та Past Simple


Practice. Present Perfect & Past Simple

The Flash _____ together for over fifteen years

He’s the man _____ Anna loves

I run in races. I’m a(n) _____.

That’s the dictionary _____ Bill gave me for my birthday

I serve you drinks on a plane flight. I’m a _____.

You’re reading the book _____ I wanted to read.

There’s someone at the door _____ wants to speak to George.

I don’t like food _____ is very spicy

The film star gave a party _____ cost $10.000

He’s my sister’s son. He’s my _____.

I cook food for a restaurant. I’m a(n) _____.

_____ to a rock concert?

I love rock and roll. I _____ it all my life

I _____ the champion last week

The man ______ you met at the party was a famous film star

What’s the name of the woman _____ was wearing the gold dress?

I _____ all their records since then

The Flash’s concert _____ fantastic 3 years ago

In my job I wear the latest fashions. I’m a(n) _____.

The wedding was wonderful. The _____ looked beautiful, and the _____ was very handsome.

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Вивчаємо граматику – Present Perfect та Past Simple

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