Практика. Модальні дієслова: can, can’t, could

Практика. Модальні дієслова: can, can’t, could


Practice. Modal verbs: can, can't, could

You _____ be hungry. You had no lunch

I bought this pen today and it doesn’t work. _____.

Please _____ make noise

_____ I go? B: Yes, you can.

Shoes _____ be either black or brown.

He _____ read faster a few years ago.

You _____ enter without a tie.

Cigarettes _____ seriously damage your health

_____ I open the window?

_____ open the windows. I’m cold.

_____ you remember which shoe you put on first this morning?

Sorry, this _____ be my bag. Mine is brown.

If you had video, you _____ record it yourself tonight

_____ you pass the salt, please?

_____ you post this letter for me?

You _____ be hungry. You’ve just had dinner

We _____ leave now or we’ll be late

_____ you speak Spanish?

My car has been stolen. _____.

_____ you help me with my homework?

Your score is


Граматика для вивxення модальних дієслів та дієслова Can (Could)

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