Як правильно використовувати неправильні дієслова в англійській мові?

Практика по використанню неправильних дієслів

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Write the verbs in the correct form

We (to be)  home yesterday

I (to see) her well when she (to come) close

I (to give) my sister gifts. Yesterday she (to give) me a gift

I (to think) much but (to say) nothing

First I (to think) then (to give) an answer

I (to have) a brother here, but he (to go) to the army last week

The books (to come) yesterday. We (to keep) them.

When he (to be) a good boy, I (to give) him a kiss

My brothers (to be) teachers, I (to be) a baker

I (to know) his wife last year

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Користуйся таблицею неправильний дієслів, а також повтори Present simple та Past simple.

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