Практика. Виберіть правильні відповіді на запитання

Практика. Виберіть правильні відповіді на запитання


Practice. Choose the appropriate answers for the following questions

Tom: My parents want to speak to you

Why was Jane not writing the exercise?

My son saw him twice

Natalie will be on duty tomorrow

Who fell ill?

Your English is perfect. How long have you been studying it?

Who practices law and has studied law?

Who did you invite to your birthday party?

Why didn't Rob want to come to the cinema with you?

George is always in time for the lessons, and Ann?

Why didn't you answer my letter?

How long does it take you to do your homework?

Do you have to get up so early?

Who sent the dog to save Pinocchio?

I am not going to be a doctor

Where did you stay when you went to the South?

Bread is not taken with fork, is it ?

Who had a dictation last week?

What places of interest did you visit when you were in England?

Where is your dog? I don't see it in.

Your score is


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