Practice. Have to, must, should. Future tense

Practice. Have to, must, should. Future tense


Practice. Have to, must, should. Future tense

You _____ come with me if you don’t want to. I’ll go on my own

Geoff works too much. I think he _____ take it easy

Jane told me you have a place at university. That’s right. I _____ math at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Why have you got so much food? Because I _____ a meal for two people

I’m going to bed. I _____ be up early tomorrow

If you need some help with your homework, you _____ go to the library

I’ve known him _____ we went to school together, but I’ve _____ met his parents.

You _____ tell lies. It’s wrong

My car isn’t working. Ask Joe to look at it. He _____ you.

Why have you got your old clothes on? Because I _____ the grass.

If you’ve got a ticket, you _____ queue. You can go straight in

I passed my driving test! That’s great! I _____ some champagne to celebrate!

Your clothes smell, and you’ve got a cough. You _____ smoke

I’d like to meet your boyfriend. You _____ invite him round

He’s worked there _____ many years, _____ 1988, I believe

Your hair’s too long. I think you _____ get it cut

I _____ tell my parents where I am, then they don’t worry

Our train leaves in two minutes! We _____ hurry

We’ve known Paul _____ two years. Have you _____ met him?

I have _____ loved anyone as much as I love you

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We study grammar – Have to, must, should. Future tense

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