Future Continuous

Future Continuous (Future Progressive) – future continuous tense in English. Usually used to describe something happening in the future at a certain time. Future Continuous is formed with the help of the auxiliary verb will and the form of the continuous infinitive (be + verb ending in -ing).

Future Continuous
Signal wordsUseForm

Next week/month/year

in 2041


during the day

An action will be in progress at a certain time in the future. This action has begun before the certain time

Something happens because it normally happens

Describing things that will be in progress in the future, talking about things that usually happen in the future

will + be + infinitive + ing

The general scheme of using the Future Continuous on the example of the verb – to work

I/ You/We/They/ He/She/It will be workingI/ You/We/They/ He/She/It will not be workingWill I/ You/We/They/ He/She/It be working?

To form the Future Continuous (Future Progressive), we use will be  + the infinitive of the verb + the ending ing.


  • Where will they be playing their next match?
  • Dan will be listening to music, Laura will be reading a book
  • Will it be working?
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