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The most common measures of length in the English metric system are inches, feet, yards, statute miles, and nautical miles. It is necessary to remember that the English word foot (foot) in the plural form has an incorrect form of foot (feet), so the length is measured in feet. Human height is measured in inches and feet in America and the United Kingdom. By the way, inches are used all over the world to indicate the diagonal of the screen of computers and gadgets.

Full nameShort nameNumerical ratio
inch1 in.≈ 2,54 sm
foot1 ft.= 12 in. or ≈ 30,5 sm
yard1 yard= 36 in. or = 3 ft. or ≈ 91 sm
statute mile1 mile= 1760 yards or ≈ 1609 m
nautical mile1n. mile= 6080 ft. or ≈ 1853 m


Miles per hour is a unit of measurement of speed in the English system, which expresses the value in miles traveled in one hour. Now used in Great Britain and the United States as the standard unit of speed.

1 mile per hour = 0.44704 m/s = 1.609344 km/h.  = 0.868976 knots = 1.466667 ft/s.


Temperatures in Great Britain were measured in Fahrenheit until the 60s of the last century. On the Fahrenheit scale, the melting point of ice is +32 °F and the boiling point of water is +212 °F. Currently measured in Celsius.


In the British system, it is an ounce, pound, short or American ton, long ton, weight ton, gross ton. In the metric system, grams, kilograms, and tons are used.

Full nameShort nameNumerical ratio
ounce1 oz.≈ 28,35 g
pound1 lb.= 16 oz. or ≈ 453,6 g
short ton1 short ton≈ 907 kg
long ton, weight ton, gross ton1 long ton≈ 1016 kg


Acre is a land measure used in a number of countries with the English system (for example, in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, and others). Initially, it indicated the area of land cultivated per day by one peasant with one shaft.

1 acre = 4 ore = 4046.86 m ² ≈ 0.004 km ² (1/250 km ² ) = 4840 square yards = 888.97 square fathoms = 0.37 acres = 0.405 ha = 40.46856 are = 1 /640 square miles

A township is an American unit of measurement of land area, which is a plot of land measuring 6×6 miles = 36 square miles = 93.24 sq. km

Hyde (plot, allotment of land) is an old English land measure, originally equal to a plot of land that could feed one family, it is 80-120 acres or 32.4-48.6 hectares.

Rood (piece of land) – land measure = 40 square meters. genus = 1011.68 sq. m.

Ar (from Latin area – area, surface, agricultural land) – a land measure in the Anglo-American and metric system of measures, is a plot of land measuring 10×10 m and equal to 100 square meters or 0.01 ha, in everyday life it is called “hundred”.

Table of the most common English measures

UnitsApproximate value

Length & Areas

mile1609 m
nautical mile1853 m
league4828,032 m
cable185,3 m
yard0,9144 m
pole, rod, perch5,0292 m
furlong201,16 m
mil0,025 mm
line2,116 mm
hand10,16 sm
chain20,116 m
point0,35 mm
inch2,54 sm
foot0,304 m
Square mile258,99 ha
Square inch6,4516 sm²
Square yard0,83613 sm²
Square foot929,03 sm²
Square rod25,293 sm²
acre4046,86 m²
rood1011,71 m²


long ton907 kg
short ton1016 kg
chaldron2692,5 kg
pound453,59 g
ounce, oz28,349 g
quintal50,802 kg
short hundredweight45,36 kg
Hundredweight50,8 kg
tod12,7 kg
short quarter11,34 kg
dram1,77 g
grain64,8 mg
stone6,35 kg


barrel petroleum158,97 l
barrel163,6 l
pint0,57 l
bushel35,3 l
cubic yard0,76 m³
cubic foot0,02 m³
cubic inch16,3 sm³
liquid ounce28,4 ml
quart1,136 l
gallon4,54 l
Melchizedek30 l
Primat27 l
Balthazar12 l
Methuselah6 l
Melchior18 l
Jeroboam3 l
Magnum1,5 l
Rehoboam4,5 l
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