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Free online English grammar test

Essential English Grammar for Language Tests

English grammar serves as the backbone of effective communication in the language. Whether you’re a beginner embarking on your language-learning journey or an advanced learner looking to refine your skills, understanding grammar is essential to expressing yourself with clarity and precision.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through some key aspects of English grammar that are particularly relevant for language learners. Each section will provide insights and explanations to help you grasp the nuances of grammar effortlessly.

Before you proceed to the grammar test, make sure you’ve reviewed the essential topics outlined in this guide. Don’t worry; this test is designed to reinforce your learning and assess your progress. Take your time, and remember, mistakes are a natural part of the learning process.

Understanding English Grammar: Key Aspects for Language Learners

English grammar is an essential foundation for mastering the language, especially when preparing for English language tests. Let’s explore some key aspects of English grammar that are relevant for all language learners:


  • Nouns are the building blocks of sentences. They can be singular or plural. Regular plurals are usually formed by adding -s (e.g., book – books), while irregular plurals include words like men, mice, and feet.
  • Nouns can serve different roles in sentences, such as subjects, objects, or complements, influencing the overall meaning and structure.


  • Verbs express actions or states of being. There are three main types of verbs: action verbs (e.g., run, eat), linking verbs (e.g., be, seem), and auxiliary verbs (e.g., have, will).
  • Verbs have various forms to indicate tense (past, present, future), aspect (ongoing, completed), modality (ability, permission), and voice (active, passive).
  • Subject-verb agreement is vital for sentence construction. Singular subjects require singular verbs, while plural subjects require plural verbs.


Articles are small but powerful words that provide essential information about nouns.

  • A/an” is used before singular countable nouns.
  • The” is used before specific or particular nouns.
  • No article is used before plural or uncountable nouns.


  • Adjectives add vivid descriptions to nouns, making sentences more engaging and expressive.
  • Adjectives come in three degrees of comparison: positive (e.g., happy), comparative (e.g., happier), and superlative (e.g., happiest).


  • Adverbs enhance the meaning of verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs in a sentence.
  • Adverbs of manner (e.g., quickly, smoothly) answer the question “how“, while adverbs of time (e.g., yesterday, soon) answer the question “when“.


  • Prepositions establish relationships between nouns/pronouns and other elements in a sentence.
  • Common prepositions include in, on, at, but, from, and with.


  • Pronouns play a crucial role in replacing nouns, avoiding repetition, and maintaining sentence coherence.
  • Personal pronouns have distinct subject and object forms (e.g., he/him, they/them).

Understanding these key aspects of English grammar will empower you to communicate more effectively and confidently in the language. Whether you are preparing for a language test or simply looking to improve your English skills, mastering these fundamental grammar concepts will bring you closer to fluency.

These are some of the major concepts in English grammar that are frequently tested in assessments of English language proficiency. Mastering noun/verb forms, subject-verb agreement, proper use of articles, prepositions etc. is key for accurate and effective communication.

Focus on understanding these basic concepts of grammar and how they are used in sentences. Pay close attention to subject-verb agreement, proper use of tenses, articles, and prepositions. Mastering these fundamentals will help you perform well on English grammar tests. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with important aspects of English grammar, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test!

Grammar Test

Free online English grammar test

Grammar Grasp Challenge

Let’s get ______ lettuce

The Town Council ______ against raising the rents of its houses

It isn’t ______ job for me to do alone

What is the difference in ______ between the Amazon and the Nile?

How many of ______ are present in class?

That’s too ______ for swimming

Physics ______ a subject that has grown enormously in importance during this century

It wasn’t as clear ______ today

A ______ of vitamin C results in skin infections and slow healing

The poor ______ unable to look after themselves

The series of TV programs that has just finished ______ very useful

That’s too ______ for me to carry

The few words he spoke ______ well chosen

Two dozens of cows ______ lying peacefully in the shade

A new means of detecting gold in travelers’ luggage ______ recently  been brought into use

Some of his advice ______ funny

There were ______ snow on the car

We don’t have ______ vacation

This isn’t ______ bottle

A pack of cards ______ scattered over the table

Your score is


Whether you aced it or encountered a few challenges, remember that learning a language is a continuous journey. Regular practice, coupled with a solid understanding of grammar, will undoubtedly lead you to language proficiency.

Keep exploring, reading, speaking, and immersing yourself in the English language. As you do so, your language skills will grow, and your confidence will soar. Embrace every opportunity to practice, and soon you’ll find yourself expressing thoughts and ideas in English with fluency and eloquence.

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