Phrasal Verbs with Look in English

Look [lʊk] – this word is most often used in the English language as a verb, and can also be used as a noun. Consider the verb look as a phrasal verb, and examples of the most frequent uses:

  • look after
    • My mother looks after my son when I’m working
    • He’s good at looking after his own interests
  • look ahead 
    • We need to look ahead and plan for next year
  • look  around/round
    • People came out of their houses and looked around
    • Let’s look round the town this afternoon
  • look back on
    • Looking back on it, I think I was wrong to leave when I did
  • look down on
    • I’m sick of Ken looking down on me the whole time
  • look for
    • Could you help me look for my keys?
  • look forward to
    • I’m really looking forward to going to Japan
  • look in
    • I’ll look in this evening to see how she is
  • look into
    • There is a mystery about his death and the police are looking into it
  • look on
    • He was just looking on while the others were playing
    • Most people look on a television set as an essential piece of furniture
  • look out
    • Look out. There’s a lorry coming!
  • look out for – шукати, ретельно вивчити
    • Look out for your Aunt while you’re at the station
  • look out on
    • His house looks (out) on to the sea
  • look over
    • Look over what you’ve written before handing it to the examiner
  • look through
    • Look through your old clothes and see if you have anything to give away
    • I said good morning but she looked me straight through and walked on
  • look up
    • If you don’t know the word, look it up in the dictionary
    • Things are looking up since I found a job
    • When you go to New York, be sure to look up our representative there
  • look up and down
    • The policeman looked the drunk man up and down deliberately before replying to his question
  • look up to
    • He looks up to his older brother

LOOK at these PHRASAL VERBS with “look”

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