Phrasal Verbs with “LOCK” in English

Lock[lɒk] is a regular verbPhrasal verbs with “lock” include:

  • lock away
    • The locals lock away anything that they think is different
  • lock down
    • We’ll have to lock down the airfield until further notice
  • lock (oneself) in
    • Sell your stocks now to lock in some of the gains of recent months
  • lock in
    • A bit more power to lock in the destination
  • lock onto
    • Lock onto this Peterborough canoe ride
  • lock out
    • When the owners heard talk of a strike, they locked the employees out
    • I forgot my keys and was locked out of my own house!
  • lock up
    • Their capital is all locked up in property
    • If you lock up your anger, it will only cause trouble later
  • lock yourself away
    • If you don’t seek help, if you lock yourself away from the world, you’ll remain in depression’s vicious cycle
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