Phrasal Verbs with “CUT” in English

The verb to cut is an irregular verb. Its main forms are presented in the table

InfinitivePast SimplePast Participle
to cutcutcut

Consider common phrasal verbs with to cut in the English

  • cut across
    • Shane cut across three lanes of traffic to the exit
  • cut back on/ cut down on
    • I’m trying to cut back (on)/ down on my drinking
    • She’s trying to cut down on chocolate
    • The government is cutting back on the education budget.
  • cut in
    • Mark cut in to ask if I’d seen his keys
  • cut into
    • It will need to be washed and cut into a coarse grater, along with the peel
  • cut off
    • They’ll cut off your electricity if you don’t pay the bill
    • We felt we were completely cut off from the busy modern world!
  • cut out
    • Cut a circle out of the piece of card
    • I’d cut out some articles from the local paper but I needed more information
  • cut up
    • Could you cut the pizza up, please?
    • Here, let me cut up your pork pie
  • cut through
    • So it can latch onto or cut through tissue
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