Phrasal Verbs with “FALL” in English

The verb to fall [fɔːl]  is an irregular verb. Its main forms are presented in the table

InfinitivePast SimplePast Participle
to fallfellfallen

Consider common phrasal verbs with to fall   in the English

  • fall apart
    • The old book just fell apart in my hand
    • Take care with this priceless old book. It’s beginning to fall apart
  • fall about
    • Global sugar production will fall about 9 million tonnes
  • fall back on/upon
    • The band were so short of musicians that they had to fall back upon students
  • fall behind
    • The work of this class has been falling behind recently
  • fall down
    • It looks as if it is about to fall down
  • fall for
    • Samantha fell for a man half her age
  • fall from
    • I think my pen must have fallen from the bag onto the ground or floor
  • fall in
    • His world fell in when he lost his job
  • fall in with
    • All members of the committee fell in with his suggestion to build a new hospital
  • fall into
    • This novel falls into the category of historical adventure
  • fall on
    • Christmas Day falls on a Thursday this year
  • fall off
    • In winter, the leaves fall off when it’s too cold
  • fall out /with
    • They have fallen out. She fell out with Peter because he came home late
  • fall over
    • She slipped on the ice and fell over
  • fall through
    • The plan fell through when it proved too costly
  • fall under
    • Do not fall under Congressional control oversight
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