Phrasal Verbs with MOVE in English

Move [muːv] is a regular verbPhrasal verbs with “move” include:

  • move ahead
    • Consider the maintenance cost&time before you move ahead
  • move aside
    • Can you move aside so that I can ask Dan?
  • move along
    • The bus driver asked them to move along
  • move along 
    • You should move along the walls or through buildings
  • move away
    • He could move away or start dating someone new
  • move back
    • I think we should move back to Kyiv
  • move down
    • On Friday, the price will move down
  • move in /into
    • When are you moving in?
    • Steve’s going to move in with her
  • move off
    • Do me a favor and move off a little
  • move on
    • I enjoyed my job but it was time to move on
    • Her ideas have hardly moved on since the thirties
  • move out
    • The present tenant is moving out this weekend and I am moving in on Wednesday
    • We have to move out by next Friday
  • move over
    • Move over so Jim can sit down
    • Move over a little, so I can get in
  • move towards 
    • Stay together as we move towards them
  • move up/over
    • There’s room for another one if you move up a bit
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