Phrasal Verbs with MAKE in English

Make [meɪk] is a regular verbPhrasal verbs with “make” include:

  • make away (with)
    • The police gave chase, but the thieves made away with the jewels
  • make for
    • They made for the nearest bar
  • make into
    • Can you make this dress into a skirt?
    • The movie made her into a star overnight
  • make of
    • What do you make of her proposal?
    • What do you make of the idea?
  • make off
    • The burglars made off before the police arrived
    • They made off without paying
  • make off with
    • The looters made off with all the laptops that were in the computer store
  • make out
    • I can’t make out what the name on the bill is
    • When you make out the bill, please give me a copy
    • How did you make out on the test yesterday?
  • make over
    • Before their uncle died he made over his whole estate to them
  • make up
    • Ron made up an excuse so his mother wouldn’t be mad
    • My son asked me to make up a story about monsters
  • make up to
    • We must make up to her for what we’ve done
  • make up for
    • You ‘II have to work very hard today to make up for the time you wasted yesterday
  • make up for sth
    • The wonderful food in the restaurant made up for the rather uncomfortable seats
  • make up something 
    • Why would he make up something that would undermine his credibility?
  • make it up to sb
    • I forgot Teresa’s birthday yesterday so I’ll have to take her somewhere nice to make it up to her.
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