Phrasal Verbs with GO in English

Phrasal verbs: with 'Go' phrases

The verb to go is an irregular verb. Its main forms are presented in the table

InfinitivePast SimplePast Participle
to gowentgone

Consider common phrasal verbs with to go in the English

  • go after
    • The policeman went after the thief and caught him
  • go ahead
    • Although several members were absent, the board meeting went ahead as planned
  • go astray
    • John spent all night looking for three of his sheep that had gone astray
  • go away
    • If you take an aspirin, your headache will go away
  • go back
    • I’m never going back to that hotel. It is most uncomfortable
  • go back on
    • Although he had promised to help us, he went back on his word
  • go by
    • You shouldn’t go by what he says – he’s always exaggerating
  • go down
    • The temperature went down to freezing last night
  • go down with
    • I went down with an attack of bronchitis
  • go for
    • Do you go for tall men?
  • go in for
    • She went in for the baking competition and won first prize
  • go into
    • We’ll have to go into this very carefully, said the detective
  • go off
    • When the alarm went off she woke up and got out of bed
  • go on
    • Go on, I am listening
    • It went on raining all day
  • go out
    • Without more coal the fire will soon go out
  • go over
    • He went over the plans again and discovered two very serious mistakes
  • go round
    • Will there be enough wine to go round?
  • go through
    • A bad cough and a sore throat often go together
  • go up
    • Our rent has gone up by almost 10%
  • go with
    • The jumper really goes with your skirt
  • go without
    • We’re out of milk — I’m afraid you’ll have to go without
  • go through with
    • I don’t want to do the exam now but I’d better go through with it
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