Phrasal Verbs with “Kiss” in English

kiss-up-to phrasal verb

“Kiss” in English – Phrases and Idioms

In English, a single word can have different meanings and uses, especially when used as a phrasal verb. One of the interesting words that everyone has heard is “kiss” [kɪs]. The word “kiss” in English has several meanings. As a noun, “kiss” refers to an expression of affection or love, for example “The kiss under the rain became a symbol of their love.” It can also be used as a verb, in which case “kiss” refers to the action of touching someone or something with one’s lips as a sign of love, desire, greeting, or farewell, for example “They kissed passionately.” When used as a phrasal verb, “kiss” can form various combinations with prepositions or adverbs that alter its meaning. For example:

  • kiss off” can mean to dismiss or get rid of someone (e.g. “He told her to kiss off.”) or to ignore something.
  • kiss up to” means to flatter or ingratiate oneself with someone (e.g. “He always kisses up to the boss.”)

In this article, we will examine in more detail the use of “kiss”, especially as a phrasal verb, including its meanings and examples.

Phrasal Verbs and Interesting Expressions with “Kiss”

Let’s look at some phrasal verbs with “kiss” as well as some interesting idiomatic expressions using it, including their meanings and examples.

  1. Kiss Off:

    • Meaning: “Kiss off” is an informal way to tell someone to go away or express refusal. It’s usually used in American English and can convey annoyance or impatience. Though it doesn’t literally mean to kiss, the phrase implies that sending someone away is as easy as blowing a kiss.
    • Meaning: To dismiss or reject someone or something.
    • Meaning: To consider something unimportant or inferior.
    • Example: Despite his talents, the director was kissed off by the producers who were looking for a more experienced candidate.
    • Example: The persistent salesman wouldn’t leave us alone, so we had to firmly tell him to kiss off.
  2. Kiss Up To:

    • Meaning: To flatter or be overly nice to someone in power in order to gain favor.
    • Example: Jane constantly kisses up to her boss, hoping to get a promotion in the next round of evaluations.
  3. Kiss Away:

    • Meaning: To make something disappear or go away with a kiss.
    • Example: The mother lovingly kissed away her child’s tears, assuring him that everything would be alright.
  4. Kiss Goodbye:

    • Meaning: To say goodbye, often implying the separation is permanent or difficult.
    • Example: As the train pulled away, she kissed goodbye to her family, embarking on a new chapter of her life.
  5. Kiss of Death:

    • Meaning: Something that leads to failure or ruin.
    • Example: Taking shortcuts in the project proved to be the kiss of death, resulting in a subpar outcome.
  6. Kiss and Tell:

    • Meaning: To divulge personal or confidential information, especially about romantic relationships.
    • Example: The celebrity refused to kiss and tell, maintaining privacy about their personal life despite media pressure.
  7. Kiss Up:

    • Meaning: Similar to “kiss up to,” this refers to excessive flattery or ingratiating behavior.
    • Example: Jason’s constant kissing up in the office didn’t endear him to his colleagues; instead, it created a sense of insincerity.
  8. Kiss and Make Up:

    • Meaning: To reconcile after a fight or disagreement.
    • Example: After a heated debate, Sarah and Emily decided to kiss and make up, realizing their friendship was more important than the disagreement.

As you can see from the examples, it’s important to understand the meanings of such phrases so you don’t think someone wants to kiss you when they’re actually telling you to get lost :). So study these phrases for comprehending affection, love, and so on. Try to practice more and then everything will work out.

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