Phrasal Verbs with COME in English

Expressions with Come

The verb to come is an irregular verb. Its main forms are presented in the table

InfinitivePast SimplePast Participle
to comecаmecome

Consider common phrasal verbs with to come in English

  • come about
    • How did it come about that the man was dismissed?
  • come across/upon
    • I came across/upon these old photos recently.
  • come along
    • Dan came along with us to the cinema
  • come apart
    • It just came apart in my hands
  • come a/round
    • Don’t worry about the chairman; he’ll soon come round (to our opinion)
  • come away
    • Come away with me on my next holiday
    • I pulled, and the handle came away from the door
  • come back
    • When is your sister coming back from Europe
    • Long skirts are coming back
  • come by
    • Why don’t you come by some afternoon and have coffee with me?
    • Everybody wondered how he came by so much money
  • come down
    • The price came down
  • come down on
    • The school came down hard on any students who were caught drinking
  • come down to
    • I never thought she would come down to asking my advice about her affairs
  • come down with
    • I think I’m coming down with flu
  • come forward
    • Witnesses are asked to come forward with information about the robbery
  • come from
    • His mother came from Texas
  • come in
    • What time does the train come in?
  • come into
    • I came into some money when my grandfather died
  • come of
    • We wanted to start a pop group, but nothing ever came of  it
  • come on
    • When does the heating come on?
  • come off
    • The experiment did not come off
  • come out
    • When does his new book come out?
  • come out with
    • He came out with a string of four-letter words
  • come over
    • Can I come over to your place?
  • come/around/ to
    • The girl fainted, but she came a/round when we threw drops of water on her face
  • come through
    • We’ve come through all kinds of trouble together
  • come to
    • When I came to, I was lying on the grass
  • come up
    • The subject didn’t come up at the meeting
  • come up against
    • We may find we come up against quite a lot of opposition from local people
  • come up to
    • This work doesn’t come up to your usual standards
  • come up with
    • They still haven’t come up with a name for the baby
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