Phrasal Verbs with “CARRY” in English

Carry [kæri] is a regular verbPhrasal verbs with “carry ” include:

  • carry along
    • We were all carried along by his speech
  • carry away
    • He was carried away by the music
  • carry on with/doing smth
    • Carry on with your work while I’m out
    • Until what age would you like to carry on working?
  • сarry on about
    • She kept carrying on about how much money she makes
  • carry out
    • They carried out some tests to see the effects of the new drug
    • What kind of tasks do you have to carry out each day?
  • carry over
    • The concert will have to be carried over till next week because the singer is ill.
  • сarry off
    • I need a truck to carry off all this furniture
  • carry through
    • Once he starts a project, he always carries it through
    • Only his courage carried Dan through
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