Phrasal Verbs with “BLOW” in English

The verb to blow [bləʊ] is an irregular verb. Its main forms are presented in the table

InfinitivePast SimplePast Participle
to blowblewblown

Consider common phrasal verbs with to blow  in the English

  • blow apart
    • I watched that place blow apart
  • blow away
    • He drew his gun and blew him away
    • The bad news really blew me away
  • blow down
    • The storm blew several trees down in the park
    • The garden gate has blown down
  • blow in
    • When I blew in, nobody was there
    • Dan has just blown in
  • blow off
    • Even if it did blow off, no one heard a thing
  • blow out
    • Blow out all the candles
    • The match blew out in the wind
  • blow over
    • The hurricane blew some palm trees over
  • blow through
    • The air can blow through
  • blow past
    • Dan, you can’t just blow past this like nothing ever happened
  • blow up
    • Rebels attempted to blow up the bridge
    • The plane blew up in mid-air
  • blow up (at)
    • I’m sorry I blew up at you
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