Phrasal Verbs With ‘Bang’

Phrasal Verb BANG

Phrasal verbs with “Bang” in English

Phrasal verbs are an important part of the English language that can lead to fruitful results in your speaking skills. Today we will look at phrasal verbs with “bang” [bæŋ]. These expressions can be useful in various situations, from talking with friends to professional conversations.

TOP 11 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Bang’

1. Bang on

  • Meaning: To be absolutely correct or accurate.
  • Example: “Your analysis was bang on; you got every detail right.”

2. Bang out

  • Meaning: To produce or create something quickly and often with enthusiasm.
  • Example: “She banged out a beautiful song on her guitar.”

3. Bang up/Bang up for

  • Meaning: To damage or injure something or someone. To be excited or enthusiastic about something
  • Example: “The car was banged up in the accident.”
  • Example: “She’s always bang up for trying new adventurous activities.”

4. Bang away

  • Meaning: To continue doing something energetically or persistently.
  • Example: “He banged away at the keyboard all night to finish his report.”

5. Bang for your buck

  • Meaning: Getting good value or benefit from something, often in relation to the cost.
  • Example: “This new smartphone offers great features; it’s real bang for your buck.”

6. Bang on about

  • Meaning: To talk continuously or excessively about something, often annoyingly.
  • Example: “He always bangs on about his achievements at work, and it’s quite tiresome.”

7. Bang up against

  • Meaning: To encounter difficulties, obstacles, or challenges.
  • Example: “We banged up against some unexpected problems during the project.”

8. Bang out of

  • Meaning: To lose an opportunity or chance due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Example: “I was banged out of attending the conference due to a sudden illness.”

9. Bang around

  • Meaning: To move aimlessly or without a clear purpose, often in a careless manner.
  • Example: “He spent the afternoon banging around the house, not getting any work done.”

10. Bang about

  • Meaning: To move or make noise in a careless or disorderly manner, often with a sense of noise and chaos.
  • Example: “The kids were banging about in the living room, making a lot of noise while playing with their toys.”

11. Bang into

  • Meaning: To collide with or run into something or someone suddenly and forcefully.
  • Example: “I wasn’t paying attention, and I banged into the door as I walked into the room.”

These phrasal verbs add depth and nuance to your English language skills. Learning them in context and practicing their usage in various conversations will help you become a more fluent English speaker. Expanding your vocabulary of phrasal verbs will make your speech richer and more dynamic.

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