The Participle is an impersonal form of a verb that has the properties of a verb, an adjective, and an adverb. There are two participles in English: the present participle (Participle I) and the past participle (Participle II). The present participle (Present Participle or Participle І) has two specific forms in the active and passive states. For a better understanding, consider the table.

Present Participle Simple (Participle I)verb+ -ing (asking)being + verb + -ed/III form (being asked), for irregular verbs –being made
Past Participle (Participle II)verb -ed/III from (made)
Perfect Participlehaving + verb+ ed/III form (having made)having + being+verb + ed/III form (having been made)

The verb in English can be used as:

  • for tense and passive forms
  • As a definition
  • As a matter of fact
  • Complex predicate


  • My car is broken 
  • The door is locked
  • She is a teacher respected by all students 
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