Exclamatory sentence in English grammar

In English, an exclamatory sentence uses the construction: what a/an + singular noun” or “what + plural noun/uncountable noun.

Noun in the singular What a good idea!
Noun in the plural What lovely flowers!
Uncountable noun What fun we had!

It should be remembered that there is always an exclamation mark at the end of an exclamatory sentence!

Exclamatory sentences express strong emotions: joy, anger, excitement, surprise, etc., and differ in their structure from the rest of the sentences. The word that comes after the exclamation what or how is emotionally colored. The initial pronoun what is used when there is a noun in the exclamatory sentence:

  • What a beautiful girl!

The initial pronoun how is used when there is an adjective:

  • How beautiful!

Exclamations in English!!!

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