Practice. Degrees of comparison in English

Practice. Comparatives and superlatives


Practice. Comparatives and superlatives. Have got, has got. Part 1

Prague is one of the _____ cities in Europe

Our school ____ a library, but it doesn’t ____ any computers

London _____ got a lot of parks

Madrid is much _____.

Paris is _____ Madrid.

He jumped _____ the lake.

The house is 50 meters _____ the sea.

How many children _____ they _____?

A city is _____ than the country.

Brain’s car is _____ in our district

Why did you leave London? You had a _____ job

New York is _____ Paris

Your class is _____ than my class

Life in a country is _____ in a city.

She came _____ the garage

You are _____ me.

A country is _____ than a city

A country is quieter _____ a city.

He walked _____ the hill.

He spends his time _____ the banks of the river.

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Get to know the theory – Degrees of comparison of adjectives that are exceptions

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