Practice. There is/are. Some and any

Practice. There is/are. Some and any


Practice. Some and any. There is/are

The front door is _____ the top of the steps.

Are there _____ good beaches near the cottage?

The village of the Kingmore has _____ post office and _____ shop.

There’s _____ electric cooker.

There _____ a post box in front of the chemist’s.

There _____ any flowers

There are _____ good restaurants nearby.

There _____ a photo _____ the television

_____ there any photos? No, there _____.

_____ there a table? Yes, there _____.

There _____ magazines under the table

There are two pictures _____ the wall

Is _____ a television? Yes, there ____.

It’s the best home _____ the world

Upstairs there’s _____ big bathroom

Are there _____ trees and flowers in the garden?

_____ there any cups? Yes, ______ are.

There _____ an armchair

Does the cottage have _____ dining room?

The cinema is _____ the left

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We study grammar – There is/are. Some and any

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