English vocabulary for a restaurant or cafe: the most common phrases and words

English in a restaurant: the most common phrases

English is a universal language and often used as a foundation for communicating around the globe. Whether you, STUDYING, taking a business lunch, or just dining out at a local restaurant, understanding basic English phrases can be incredibly useful. Many common phrases and questions are exchanged in the restaurant setting, and becoming familiar with them can make the dining experience more pleasant and less stressful. Let’s delve into some of the most frequently used English phrases in a restaurant setting to help you nail your next meal conversation.

A. Making Reservations:

  1. “I’d like to make a reservation.” – An excellent start to ensure your spot at a restaurant.
  2. “A table for two, please.” – Specify the number of people dining.
  3. “Can I reserve a table by the window?” – Ask for a special request regarding your seating preference.

B. Ordering Food:

  1. “Can I see the menu, please?” – This will help you to see the available food and drink options.
  2. “What do you recommend?” – If you are unsure about what to order, let the server suggest.
  3. “I’ll have the….” – This phrase is directly used to order your meal.
  4. “Could I get that without…?” – If there are harmful food elements that may negatively impact your health, make to specify.

C. Dietary Restrictions:

Speaking of harmful food, it’s also necessary to communicate any dietary restrictions to ensure that your meals are suitable for your health. Here are a few phrases that can help:

  1. “I’m allergic to…” – It is crucial to let the waiter know about any food allergies.
  2. “I can’t eat…” – Inform the waiter about any food intolerances or restrictions.
  3. “Does this contain…?” – When

The most popular phrases in English in a restaurant

Here are some common phrases you can use in a restaurant:

  1. Could we have a table for two, please?
  2. Do you have a children’s menu?
  3. Could you bring us some water, please?
  4. Are there any specials today?
  5. May I see the wine list?
  6. Does this dish contain nuts/dairy/gluten?
  7. I am allergic to shellfish.
  8. Could I substitute fries for a salad?
  9. Could you please pass the salt?
  10. This isn’t what I ordered.
  11. Can you pack the leftovers, please?
  12. The service was excellent, thank you.
  13. This is too salty/spicy/bland.
  14. Can I have some extra napkins, please?
  15. Excuse me, but there is a mistake in the bill.
  16. Do you accept credit cards?
  17. Could you recommend a good dessert?
  18. Is there a dress code?
  19. We would like to split the bill, please.
  20. We are ready to order now.

Practice popular English words for a restaurant

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