Present Continuous Grammar Test: Check Your Knowledge!

What is Present Continuous Tense?

Present Continuous tense is a verb tense used to describe an action that is happening right now or in a given period of time. It is formed with the auxiliary verb “to be” in the present tense (am, is, are), followed by a verb ending in “-ing“.


  • She is reading a book
  • They are playing football
  • I am wearing a blue shirt

The Present Continuous is often used to describe what is happening right now, or to describe actions that are happening in a given period of time. This makes it possible to show that the action is ongoing and not over.

It is very important to note that the present continuous is used in specific situations. For example, when we are talking about what is happening at the moment of speech or when we are talking about actions that are happening in the vicinity of the moment of speech.


  • I’m currently working on a new project

The Present Continuous helps to show the continuity of actions by describing what is being conveyed at the present moment.

Present Continuous – English language test


Practice. Present Continuous Grammar Test: Check Your Knowledge!

What is the correct form of the verb:

She __ researching on this topic.

Choose the appropriate verb form:

The kids __ playing football in the park.

Fill in the blank:

She __ to music.

Rightly complete the sentence:

The birds __ singing at the moment.

Correctly complete the sentence:

They __ studying for the exams.

You need to select the correct variants.

I’m __ TV now.

Complete this:

My cat __ sleeping.

What is the correct form:

He __ a bath.

Complete the sentence:

I __ a novel.

Which one is correct:

The teacher ___ in the class.

Fill in the gap:

They __ listening to music.

Which of these sentences is the most correct?

Choose the correct form of verb for the given sentence:

She __ a book now.

Fill the gap:

The phone __ ringing!

Choose the best option:

He __ the pool.

Choose the correct form:

The baby __.

Complete the sentence:

It __ raining outside.

Correct the given sentence:

She is not cooks dinner.

Fill in the blanks:

We __ working on a new project right now.

Fill the gap:

My mother __ the house.

Your score is


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